Cartoon Drawing – Walt Disney Or You?


Some are easy where a newbie can get started almost instantly while others take years of efforts to master.

Cartoon drawing is an easy form of art, and you can easily master it in a very short period with little practice.

Here are some simple tips that you can use to get started with cartoon drawing starting today…

1. Ways To Draw Your Cartoon.

There are 2 ways to create cartoons…

a. By computer.

b. By hand.

A use pen and pencil to start drawing your cartoons. Once you have enough experience you can shift your focus on drawing cartoons using the power of computer.

You can give your own look and feel to the cartoon by drawing it by hand. Use the textured paper to draw your cartoon as they give the best effect. 4anime

2. Practice Is The Key.

It is important that you start drawing simpler cartoons before you get started drawing complicated ones…

– Reason being, it takes practice to master this art of drawing.

You can improve your drawing to a lot extent once you figure out how to convert a 3 dimensional figure into a 2 dimensional one.

Furthermore, start drawing cartoons published in newspapers and magazines, this will give you a whole lot of ideas.

3. Simplicity and Humour.

It is important that you be simple while drawing cartoons as simplicity always wins. Moreover, make sure to add humour to your picture as the whole motive of a cartoon is to show the actual life in a funny way.


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